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YJ - Bright Lights by Blueyedblonde YJ - Bright Lights by Blueyedblonde
"Hey, hey," Wally said, catching up to her. Her face must've looked as wrecked as she felt, because he quickly pulled her into his arms in a vice-like hug. Artemis collapsed against him, infuriated with herself when she realized she was crying. Crying, like a little girl. Damn it. "Don't worry, it's gonna be all right—"

"No, it's not, Wally. M'gann is sick, and that bastard is the only one with information, and he'll never talk. I know him. He'll never say a word, not even if his life depended on it."

Before Wally could respond, there was a sudden explosion.

Artemis came back in quick, jarring flashes of consciousness.

It was disorienting. Bright lights. A glimpse of a hand moving toward her. Someone calling her name. Pain. She registered a lot of pain, but only distantly as feeling returned, and then she wished it rather hadn't. When she finally managed to pry her eyes fully open, the scene around her was one of chaos. The interrogation room that she had just left was blown wide open; for some reason, though, she was lying at least twenty feet away rather than right next to it, and Wally was on top of her. She couldn't understand why – until she realized he'd used his lightning quick reflexes to sped her away and shield her as soon as the bomb had gone off.


So this is based off of a scene from an amazing fan-fic called, The One Universal Constant, which you can read at this [link] . It's probably the best Young Justice story I've ever read and I will probably draw several scenes because I died maybe twelve times while reading it!

I realize there is a lot of anatomy problems in this which isn't shocking. I thought about fixing it at one point but I'm tired and I guess it's Spitfire week so I wanted to post something. I love them so much. :]
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oh, oh my bad no it's only Wally... not Zuko... ^-^
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